Parliamentary Network Board Member meets with World Bank Kosovo Country Team

The World Bank Regional Coordinator for the Western Balkans, Linda Van Gelder, and the World Bank Country Manager for Kosovo, Marco Mantovanelli, met in Washington DC on October 17 with Ms. Vjosa Osmani Sadriu, Board Member of the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and the IMF and senior official of the second largest political party in Kosovo, the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK). Ms. Osmani Sadriu is a former Member of Parliament and was recently the first woman to run for Prime Minister of Kosovo in recent elections, for which results are still pending.  They discussed the transition to a new government in Kosovo, priorities for economic development, and ongoing World Bank programs in the country. Ms. Osmani Sadriu was in Washington to participate in the Global Parliamentary Workshop on the sidelines of the Annual Meetings.

Founded in 2000, the Parliamentary Network is an independent, non-governmental organization that provides a platform for Parliamentarians from over 140 countries to advocate for increased accountability and transparency in development cooperation. The Rt Hon. Liam Byrne is the current Chair of the Parliamentary Network.


The Network – via its international secretariat, regional chapters and country chapters – reaches over 1000 Parliamentarians in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. It strives to increase transparency and accountability in the development cooperation process by fostering the oversight role of parliaments and civil society. The Network has a specific focus on multilateral aid and a sub-focus on the work and modus operandi of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the world’s largest multilateral funders.


It provides a platform for MPs and civil society to hold to account their own governments, as well as International Financial Institutions (IFIs), for development outcomes.

Membership is free of charge and open to elected parliamentarians who currently hold a mandate. As a member, you will receive The Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund’s policy materials, including the quarterly Network Review publication and the Parliamentarians and Development series.

You will also be eligible to attend the Annual Conference and participate in discussions with senior World Bank and IMF leadership. You can also be invited to take part in the Parliamentarians in the Field country visit programme.
In addition, the The Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund often invites partner organizations to join its activities.