The Parliamentary Network regularly produces topic-specific briefings after attending conferences, meetings or consultations of interest to the parliamentary community, or when an event of global importance is taking place.

Below is a list of recent Parliamentary Network briefings:

WBG/IMF Annual Meetings 2013 Report
IDA17 Replenishment

OECD High-Level Parliamentary Seminar

IMF paper on Women Work and the Economy
WBG/IMF Spring Meetings 2012 Report

OECD Forum 2012 Report

The Role of Azerbaijan in the European Energy Security Strategy

Horn of Africa Situation 2011 Report

France's priorities for the next G20 meeting
Sélection Directeur Général du FMI
IMF Managing Director Selection
GAVI Donor Conference 2011
OECD 50th Anniversary Forum
ABCDE 2011 in Paris: Broadening Opportunities for Development
World Development Report 2011 Presentation
2011 Global Parliamentarians Summit on Girls and Population
2011 UN LDCs Conference
2011 WB Consultation on Social Protection and Labour 
Parliamentary Network Resolution on 2011 World Bank Energy Strategy 
2011 WB/IMF Spring Meetings Report
EITI Global Conference 2011
Special Parliamentary Meeting on the West Bank and Gaza
Note on UK Inquiry into the World Bank
IDA16 Deputies Report Update
IFC consultation on Sustainability Framework
OECD meeting with NATO PA
OECD High Level Parliamentary Forum
World Economic Forum 2011
ABCDE 2010 in Stockholm: Development Challenges in a Post-crisis World
European Development Days 2010
PWYF: Aid Transparency Assessment
OECD Second High-level Parliamentary Seminar
New IMF Voting Shares
WBG/IMF 2010 Annual Meetings Report
Towards a new development paradigm
IDA 16 and aid alignment in Africa
Stimulate or consolidate: how to secure a global recovery
Transparency of extractive industry agreements: the role of legislative and CSO oversight
Update on IDA 16 replenishment
Open Development: Empowering Individuals to Change the World
Global Economic Governance
IEG Good Practice Awards 2010
Parliamentary Network response U.K. Inquiry into the World Bank
WB Consultation on the 10-year Education Strategy (2010-2020)
OECD Forum 2010
EC Report on Budget Support and MDG Performance
African Economic Outlook 2010 launched at AfDB Annual Meetings
WBG Spring Meetings 2010 Report
New World Bank Voting Structure
OECD Seminar on ‘The Impact of Shifting Wealth on Developing Countries’
World Bank Global Monitoring Report 2010: The MDGs after the Crisis
World Bank announces capital increase and voting reforms
European Parliament lunch on ‘International Financial Institutions' role in the development cooperation process’
World Bank President meets the Danish Foreign Affairs Committee
Fourth High-level Dialogue on Financing for Development
2010 IDB annual meeting
Illicit Financial Flows from Africa
MEDEF Meeting on Anti-Corruption with WBI
European Parliament Hearing on Palestine
Parliament and the MDGs in the Context of Changing Aid Architecture
'Shifting Wealth: The New Shape of the World Economy'
MEDEF: World Bank in Columbia and Mexico
Marketplace on Innovative Financial Solutions for Development
AGORA, the online portal for parliamentary development
Benchmarking and Self-Assessment for Democratic ParliamentsWorking-lunch with President Zoellick (in French)
World Bank environment consultation
OECD high-level parliamentary seminar
World Bank energy consultation
Afghanistan: The London Conference
IFI support to Haiti after earthquake
Inter-parliamentary meeting in Copenhagen
Regional Economic Outlook for Africa

Founded in 2000, the Parliamentary Network is an independent, non-governmental organization that provides a platform for Parliamentarians from over 140 countries to advocate for increased accountability and transparency in development cooperation. Alain Destexhe is the current Chair of the Parliamentary Network.


The Network – via its international secretariat, regional chapters and country chapters – reaches over 1500 Parliamentarians in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. It strives to increase transparency and accountability in the development cooperation process by fostering the oversight role of parliaments and civil society. The Network has a specific focus on multilateral aid and a sub-focus on the work and modus operandi of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the world’s largest multilateral funders.


It provides a platform for MPs and civil society to hold to account their own governments, as well as International Financial Institutions (IFIs), for development outcomes.

Membership is free of charge and open to elected parliamentarians who currently hold a mandate. As a member, you will receive The Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund’s policy materials, including the quarterly Network Review publication and the Parliamentarians and Development series.

You will also be eligible to attend the Annual Conference and participate in discussions with senior World Bank and IMF leadership. You can also be invited to take part in the Parliamentarians in the Field country visit programme.
In addition, the The Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund often invites partner organizations to join its activities.